International real estate portal. Browse properties, contact the agent, receive notifications on the new listings.

Properstar is an international real estate portal owned by Listglobally. It derives the listings from local real estate agents and agencies through Listglobally and publishes those for buyers in over 12 languages worldwide. Each country has its own domain.

What was done


We used a backend foundation of Listglobally for Properstar, so we only had to build frontend application that used the APIs to access the data. After some consideration of modern frameworks, the team selected ReactJS.


The main feature of any real estate website is searching, so the backend team implemented a search engine using Azure Search service with powerful search options. The user is able to refine the search or save it for later consideration as well as receive alerts when new properties are available. There is also an option of viewing available properties on the map and adjusting the search to it.


The user can register either with an email address or through his/her social network account in order to save search filters and add properties to favorites. This profile is also used as a single entry to all Listglobally products and services.


Properstar is translated in 12 languages and runs in 30+ country domains. We used a single application approach so that it was easier to maintain the service. Different features, settings, and colors are available within the same instance of the application. All domains are controlled and customized from the centralized dashboard. Moreover, the domains publish blogs that are available in 10 languages by using content management service

Mobile app

Apps for iOS and Android offer the same functionality as the website but also allow conducting a search by using GPS. A buyer can contact a seller via the app as well as access his/her favorites from any device when using the same profile.

The Outcome

Listglobally now has a reference portal Properstar that is available in more than 30 countries and 12 languages. Its main purpose is to generate leads for the partnering real estate professionals. Furthermore, Listglobally uses it to test and validate new approaches and solutions that can later be offered to the clients. We’ve been working on this project for several years now, and these are only the first steps so we will continue building new features and services for it.

Tech stack

Node.js, Express, Webpack, Babel, React, Redux, Jest, ESLint, SCSS, PostCSS, Bootstrap
Project Management
Lionel Rudaz
Anastasia Tselischeva
Dmitry Zhemkov
Stanislav Goncharov
Anton Ayvarov
Sergey Snegirev
Mobile Development
Roman Saveliev
Evgeny Ivanov
Anton Paimerov
Yves Prongué
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